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The best solution is the solution, we can be responsible for from the very beginning till the end. Such solution is a uniform set of interrelated services and professionals take all responsibility in their own field.

Solutions & Services


Internet solutions

  • E-commerce solutions: e-shops, accounting systems, website linking to bookkeeping software;
  • Business process automation: CRM (Customer Relations Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), warehousing systems;
  • Email marketing: integration of newsletter systems into websites;
  • Representative websites: from idea to accompanying consultations;
  • E-catalogues: product range presentation systems;
  • Community development: systems based on social networking;
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

Also: bookkeeping software integrations, possible schemes thereof:

  • Warehouse accounting, product catalogues, shopping;
  • Integration of customers’ databases into websites, balance calculation, payment online.


Mobile solutions

Mobile applications and mobile internet usage is doubled every year. Thus providing new opportunities – service, entertainment or company process control, which is always easy to achieve.

  • Development of new mobile websites;
  • Customization of existing fully-developed websites for mobile equipment;
  • Applications and games for mobile equipment.

Programming services

If you need programming services, ensuring problem solution, support and mutual understanding – we can help you. Knowledge of different software-related technologies allows us to offer optimal solutions.

  • Frameworks: Zend framework, Yii, CodeIgniter,
  • We work with the following systems: controller atEase, Magenta, Wordpress, CMS Made Simple, Joomla, Rivile, Astar, Centas.
  • We can offer development of multi-purpose programs for Windows platform: linking to peripheral equipment (cash register, scales, barcode readers, etc.), collection and classification of information on various sources, SMS servers.
  • Website optimization, in case of high visitor flow.

Creativity services

The component of many IT projects is their design. If not creative, then technical – because it is most   pleasant to use a convenient and attractive software. We can offer a wide range of creativity services. From logo to website creation.

  • Website design and preparation for programming;
  • Newsletter design;
  • Corporate style solutions;
  • Consultations and creative management services.
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